Saving Vigilance BM76 – Part 4

More of the structure removed, and the first new parts take shape

The sternpost, deadwood and knee measure approximately 20’ by 11’, and weigh about a ton and a half. They were removed in one piece so that the new timbers could be made to the exact dimensions. Throughout March, significant progress was made. The month began with the engine being collected by Watermota of Heathfield, Bovey…

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Saving Vigilance BM76 – Part 3

Bulkheads gone, planking removed to show the floors

Works begin in earnest – January and February 2023By early February the bulkheads had been removed, the engine lifted out and ballast removed. Tingles used to carry out repairs to the hull were removed – a 3” soft-shell crab was found living in one of the cracks revealed. The first four planks were taken off,…

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Saving Vigilance BM76 – Part 2

Preparations – October-December 2022Having delivered Vigilance to No 1 Slip, we finalised the contract with our principal funders, the National Heritage Memorial Fund, and carried out regular meetings and discussions with Stirling’s to clarify design and rebuild features. Because there are no as-built plans, only those of a sister ship, and various changes had been…

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Saving Vigilance BM76

Entering Number One Slip, and high and dry ready for work to start.

Vigilance has been saved from the breaker’s yard several times in her life. Built for a hard-working life of 10 to 15 years, she is now 97 years old, and has survived the end of her life as a working fishing vessel, service as a barrage balloon mooring during World War 2, a devastating fire,…

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