Charter sailing
Charter sailing

Vigilance of Brixham

Yacht Charter

The proceeds of chartering are used to offset the costs of maintaining Vigilance as a heritage yacht in her home port of Brixham. Come and sail on her, either as a corporate or group charter (max 12 locally or 9 cross channel) or by individually joining us on one of our regular sailings.
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Corporate and Group Yacht Charters

Have you considered chartering Vigilance for your special event? Why not reward your corporate guests with an evening sail around beautiful Torbay, or perhaps a special programme to stimulate team bonding?. Under the expert guidance of our experienced crew your team can be involved in sailing Vigilance.

GROUP CHARTER VOYAGES. Whole boat crewed charters to a destination of your choice. Shorter charters, typically two or three days, mid week or weekend, could visit Plymouth, Dartmouth and Salcombe. Longer charters, typically 7 days, could venture further into the West Country. As one of our objectives is to keep Vigilance in her home port as much as possible, we limit ourselves to only six longer charters each year. Prices vary depending on several factors, but as a guide we charge in the order of £936 per 24 hours. Catering arrangements will be additional to this. Please discuss your requirements with us.

GROUP CHARTER SAILS. We can tailor a sail to suit your requirements. Popular examples are: a 3 hour sail (£330), a 6 hour sail (£648), an 'all day' sail (£792) and a 24 hour Dartmouth overnight (£936). Why not celebrate an event (21st, 50th, retirement, etc ) with a 3 hour sail around Torbay with your friends?

PONTOON EVENTS. For these events (up to 60 people), Vigilance is positioned on a convenient harbour pontoon. Very useful for a wide range of events, which have in the past included cocktail parties, receptions and celebrations of Christenings. These are often preceeded by a local sail ( up to 10 persons) with other guests joining after the sail.

Regular Sailing for Visitors

Individuals or small groups are welcome on any of our regular sailings. The sailing programme is designed to take maximum advantage of local and regional events such as regattas, firework displays and especially heritage boat meetings. All regular sailings are listed on our sailing programme page.

SUNDAY SAILINGS. Vigilance usually sails locally on a Sunday. These are usually 10 am till 1 pm and cost £30 per person, £15 for children under 16 years or £70 for a family of two adults with up to two children.

AFTERNOON and EVENING SAILINGS. Vigilance usually sails locally from May to September for 3 hours on one or more midweek afternoon or evenings. The cost is £30, £15 for children under 16 years or £70 for a family of two adults with up to two children. These are usually on a Tuesday and/or Thursday, but our sailing programme page always gives actual days and times. .

Other Events

As well as the normal evening and Sunday morning sails Vigilance is often chartered for a number of different events for example:

CORPORATE BONDING. We can individually tailor a sail to incorporate team building activities for your corporate group. A day on the water will enhance team-working skills and leave a great feeling of achievement.

SPREADING OF ASHES. Vigilance offers the facilities to allow the ashes of a loved one to be spread at sea. Please contact us for further details.

FILMING. Vigilance has been used on several occasions for making films and documentaries. Her 97 ton displacement makes her so much more stable than smaller vessels for this purpose.

We invite suggestions and are open to all requests for the use of Vigilance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.